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The island was defended by 23,000 Japanese soldiers, as it was invaded by three marine divisions following air and naval bombardment (sixty-eight hundred tons of bombs, twenty-two thousand shells). Except for 1,083 prisoners the entire Japanese garrison was wiped out. In the first few minutes 2,000 American Marines died; our losses totaled 5,900 dead and 17,400 wounded in the Battle for Iwo Jima.

Taking Our Place in the Field

At noon on February 23, 1945, the turning point to victory, five soldiers raised our flag on Iwo Jima. On that day and in that same hour (Midnight Eastern Standard) I was born. For weeks to come, these brave men continued fighting for my freedom and for the freedom of all Americans.

Now, there is a new battle to protect the traditional values of America, which includes our precious religious freedom. The questions are: (1)Are we going to take our place on the battlefield for the Kingdom on earth? (2) Who could not be interested or too busy to be involved?

It is no coincidence that I was born in that moment, making an imprint in my mind and upon my spirit. I urge fellow Believers not be complacent, but for each of us to take our place in the field. Besides being in our best interest, it is our duty to the veterans who have given so much and our responsibility as citizens to the generations to come.


Leonard Heatherly, Editor
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Feb 23rd was on a placard on "The Door of All Sufficiency" when I went to heaven or at least had a vision of the place. I was asking when his judgment will hit the earth and the wealth of the wicked was to be redistributed. That event was back in early 2013 and each year I look to see what will happen on that date. It seems to be a date of Liberation! - Tim Mc of California

Isn't that amazing?! Kind of mind-blowing, but it's amazing what a team of people can do when super motivated - and knew they were in war!!! Thinking of us disciples. ALL God's best, Bruce (Tennessee)


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